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Local Listings

Managing Local Listings, so you don't have to

Local Business Listings play a crucial role in site visibility, rankings and ultimately business performance. Websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp search the web for business names, addresses and phone numbers to list businesses in their directories. Often these sites will list outdated or inaccurate information that was found somewhere on the internet. Having inaccurate business information listed in online directories can be problematic. 

Application X will manage your local listings to make sure your business info is updated and displayed accurately across all sites, so potential and returning customers can find you reliably every time.


Get on the map

With Managed Local Listings by Application X, You won't have to worry about potential customers calling the wrong number or being directed to the wrong website or location. We take care of your listings across many online directories, making sure your business is listed accurately everywhere.

Improve Visibility

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