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How long should Phillipsburg Web Development take?

Short Answer: It depends on 4 things – Scope, Quality, Budget, and Communication.

Long Answer: When you approach the task of launching a website or web application, there are 4 main aspects that will affect the speed in which it is completed and set out for launch.

  1. The Overall Scope of the Project:
    Web & Application development come in many different sizes and shapes. What’s good enough for one organization may not be for another. Let’s break it down – if you’re looking to start something from scratch and not use off-the-shelf (plugin and/or theme) solutions, the development process is going to take longer than if you’re using something that already exists and customizing it for your situation. Of course, if you have a larger, more intensive project (like a custom CMS or web app) – it’s going to take longer to create than if you want a single-page website.
  2. The Level of Quality of Design:
    Just like any other industry – when something needs to be high-quality, the time taken to produce it increases. Good code takes good time to write, and when you’re looking for top-shelf development, you should expect a longer development process. Don’t worry – at Application X, we pound back coffee and stay up late grinding out quality web sites and custom applications.
  3. The Project’s Budget:
    In any industry, if you need it fast – it’s going to cost more. Sometimes, this pushes the project budget beyond its financial limitations so speed must be sacrificed. At Application X, we work with you to make sure your web site or application is up in a timely manner with the precise amount of detail and attention your project needs.
  4. Communication:
    There’s nothing worse in web or application development than working with someone who doesn’t return calls or emails on time. This is a large factor in the overall time-frame for a project’s completion, and it actually works both ways. Clients fall off as well, and the effort taken to wrangle them back up again is wasted development time.

We hope this helps you get a better understanding of what directly affects the time taken to complete your project.

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